Your Audience Assets

Audience is the people who know you exists. This audience can be build in several ways and can consist of several types of people, such as your customers and clients, but also your partners, referral networks, and connections that contribute to your growth. 

The central in building audience assets is that you try to maintain control of the access to your audience. This means, for example, that you build a database of prospects and keep creating value for them. 

When creating your audience assets, think about the following

  • Even if the social media platforms are great for connection, you should always invite your audience to your own domains. For example, build your email database and guard the health of your database
  • With the help of tracking cookies, you can create an experience that is boosting your buyers’ journey and helping your customers buy from you
  • People do different things on different platforms; choose the method and type of communication to suit the specific platforms you decide to use in your marketing
  • Divide your audiences based on the temperature and readiness for purchase; tailor your messaging to meet the needs of the different audiences