Are not sure where you are with your business, and can't exactly identify what the problem is, leading to that you have no idea where to start to solve it?

Don't worry, you're in the right place.

We help you clarify your CURRENT STATE and give you the tools to understand what you should be focusing on to take you to the next stage.

Avenue Coaches & Consultants are

Maybe it's time we look at your business with a new set of eyes, and figure out how you can grow your business in an effective way?

Let's set up a Current State + Next Steps Workshop! During the 2 hrs workshop, you'll work together with your coach online, that means you don't have to travel, and neither do we. This means we get to focus on working (although we do love traveling, we love keeping things efficient and investments low, right?!)

During this 2 h workshop, you’ll get…

  • bounce your ideas with a professional business coach who specializes in understanding the different stages of growth, and can guide you towards your next stage
  • a plan for your business – what you should be focusing on right now
  • Action plan you can put to work directly

You will also get…

  • Summary of our session
  • Recording of our session, which means you can come back to it and repeat
  • Access to our online learning platform with some great lessons you can consume when you want – smart, actionable steps to build your business without confusion!

Doesn't it sound like a NO-BRAINER?

That's why so many small business owners want to work with us.

Workshop 2 hrs
Online - via Skype / Zoom (don't worry, we will set you up)
PRICE: 295 EUR (+ VAT if applicable)

Contact us below so we can set you up for this workshop!

You will instantly receive log in details to our e-learning platform where we have some videos and assignments for you to go through.

Together we will schedule the workshop when it feels convenient for you and us. Under the workshop, we are focusing solely on your business, and create a solid strategy for your business.

After the workshop you will receive a recording and a summary of the actions steps you can start implementing directly.