By Tiina Wilen

“Do I need many original ideas to be able to sell my services or products?”

This is what many business owners think:

“Everything has been said already, so I don’t feel like I have any original ideas to share… so, I won’t”

Here’s the problem: if you don’t share your ideas and solutions, people won’t find out about them, and ultimately; they won’t buy into your concepts.


Most of it has already been said or done

You can rest easy with the knowledge that in most industries, with most skillsets; most of it has been said and done. However, this does not mean that YOUR ideas, your message, are not needed. If you have a completely new idea, there’s a risk that it’s very costly to take to the market and convince people to buy into it.


People are suspicious and want certainty, which means it’s a good thing you have competitors who already share similar ideas.


Imagine someone invented the Internet TODAY… if you didn’t know what you know, would you put your business online today? Would you start using that spanking new online channel as your main acquisition channel? Most likely not. Since the pandemic, most businesses (and people in general) have adopted the digital ways of communicating, but before that… millions of businesses were still quite unaware of the possibilities of digitalization.


Put your spin on it

The right people need to hear your ideas the way only you can deliver them, and in the context that you have designed, with the authority that you have built, and showcasing the examples that you know about, the experiences that only you have.

Nobody tells the same stories and context of usage as you. And nobody has the same set of experiences as you. Your humor is also most likely very unique to you, so remember to bring some of it to your marketing too!


Repetition brings results

As business coaches, we know people need repetition. The first time you heard about a concept, be it a sales funnel or a new business model, you most likely ignore it, or at very best: learn and then forget about it. The next time thought, and the following times, you will start paying attention, in case it is relevant to you.


  • The second time you hear about the concept, you recall you’ve heard it before.
  • The third time, you might start thinking about the context of your business.
  • The fourth time, you might be ready to start implementing it.


These things take time, and that’s why we need to learn about new ideas often.


This means: if more people talk about similar concepts, it’s actually helping you get your point of view to come across and attract people’s attention.


Talking to the right people

If you are talking to people who have no awareness of the need and let alone the desire for your solution, your messaging is going to fall flat. If a person has no idea that they might have a problem related to your solution, they won’t pay attention. Then again, when you talk to people who already know about the problem, and preferably, also know about the alternative solutions, your message has a much better stickiness.


If they also have tried many solutions, and still haven’t got the results they need, you have a hot audience who are ready to test your ideas.


So, no, you don’t need to have completely original ideas to become relevant. But, you want to package your ideas and point-of-view so they position you as an expert and provide the context for your customer.


8 elements to making your message stand out

  1. identify what exactly is your area of expertise
  2. define your point-of-view in the subject matter
  3. create your authority idea
  4. design a back-to-back solution based on your idea
  5. demonstrate the context and usage of your solution
  6. identify the authority trigger
  7. visualize your solution
  8. communicate it with confidence


Tiina Wilen — The founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth

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