By Floor Schmeitz

Here’s Why Your Concept, the offer that you worked so hard to build, is not selling


As a corporate “exciter” and former strategy consultant, I thought I knew. The secret formula for what it takes to grow a business. Until I started my own company. Here is the good news: at Avenue, we can help you. Tiina and I have both learned the hard way what it takes to build a business. Instead of spending the same amount of money we have, you can learn from us. 


In 2021 I personally trained lots of entrepreneurs on how to create a value proposition, a good offer that actually sells and that makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace. One of my clients, a fellow corporate “exciter”, was doing ok. But that was not her dream. She wanted to build a business empire, not simply another source of income. 


So she came to me and in less than 1 month we upgraded her positioning and messaging. She no longer writes time-consuming proposals. Her presence on socials improved massively (no vanity metrics, she connected to more prospects). And after 3 months, she sent me this message: “Yes Floor!! I am so happy, everything is really coming together. Just got 2 leads and sold 1 high ticket campaign today!”


We can only help if you want to be helped 

Of course, we can get you the same results as my client. But only if you have a can-do mentality. Many entrepreneurs are compulsive buyers. They buy lots of courses and templates and then let them sit there on their hard drive. 


That is not how we work. We won’t give you a vague strategy and then let you figure out the hard part by yourself.  Think about what you want. What is your goal? The only thing that is holding you back are constraints: energy constraints, time constraints, money constraints, and knowledge constraints. There is a limited amount that you can spend working in your business, so you need to make it count. 


By hiring a coach and business mentor like us, you hire someone that already figured it out for you. Will our help move the needle? That is what you need to figure out. To help you do that, I will be very clear about the proven formula we use. 


Read through the steps and think about how much you need to invest to figure this out alone.


You are not applying the offer economics 

To fix this, we always create a concept that sells first. That means that you need to apply the offer economics, as I call it. People buy whatever solves their problem. If your offer is not selling, then you are not making it painful enough. 



Great offers have this in common: 

  • They provide a cure, not a remedy or prevention. A migraine pill will always outperform a preventive treatment. That is simply how it is. 
  • They take away a constraint for the buyer. At Avenue, we solve the constraints of knowledge and time. You don’t need to figure out how to create a great offer that sells by yourself. – And time is the biggest constraint of making money. So time gains pay themselves back quite easily.
  • They solve the most painful problem for their buyer. Their messaging triggers the feeling “I need to solve this pain and I need to solve it as fast as possible”. 
  • They know how long it realistically takes to get results. I know my clients will get their first results in a month. In less than 3 months, they’ll have customers. The more clients I help, the more confident I become. 
  • They always focus on the big 3 themes that humans want to improve: health, wealth, and relationship. 
  • They have a unique way of solving the problem that sets them apart in their market. We call this the Authority Idea and it is instrumental in creating an offer that sells. 
  • They are clear and give limited options to buy. People do not like complexity. If your offer is too complex, it will not sell. 
  • They use great names that promise a result. 



Your messaging is not magnetic 

If you write like everybody else, no one will notice you. In today’s landscape, this is especially true. Our second step involved upgrading your messaging. 


After only 1 meeting, I can usually rewrite the messaging of any offer. Because I have been trained in what works and what doesn’t. People only buy from you, if they are confident enough that you will deliver on your promise. That is why we always recommend being super clear. 


Small tweaks can make a major difference in my experience. Usually, entrepreneurs know their market pretty well and they know which problem they are solving. But creating an expert status in their market and claiming their mastery. That is a different issue altogether! 


For example, if you focus on a big group who have little in common, like SMEs, it is hard to be seen as an expert. Generic choices create generic copywriting. And that will not make you stand out. We know that good messaging creates expert positioning. And that brings in the Euros in your bank account. 


You are not trained to execute expert positioning

Step 3 focuses on a major roadblock that is often caused by the imposter syndrome, fear of visibility, or other self-sabotage. If you do not train yourself to test and develop your messaging, it will be hard to build a scalable business. 


That is why I always teach all my clients proven copywriting frameworks to test their messaging. I call that social selling. You use our proven formats, test them out on social media and see how your audience responds.  This will help you fine-tune your messaging, get to know your audience better, and position you as an expert.


How to create a concept that sells 

The key to our approach: work on your foundation first and then start scaling up. I specialize in Great Offers and Messaging that bring in leads consistently. 


If you work with me, these are the 3 steps you will go through. 

  1. Craft a great offer by applying offer economics. This will be your foundation so you never have to write another proposal again. 
  2. Upgrade your messaging so you are able to communicate your value with confidence. 
  3. Test your messaging and learn to create expert positioning in your market. 


Do you think this will help you grow your business and get leads in less than 3 months? 

Apply for a 20-minute offer review with me. If you qualify, I will review your offer and tell you what you need to do and how long it will take to get leads.

Talk soon

/Floor Schmeitz – the founder of Playbook Agency & Certified Avenue Growth Expert



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