TeamAvenue - Ali Meehan -

by Tiina Wilen & Ali Meehan

Meet Ali – Certified Avenue Growth Expert


We had a chat with a team member & Certified Avenue Coach Alison Meehan. Join us!

This is Ali, she’s one of our Spain-based Certified Growth Experts and one of the best community-building experts on the planet Earth.⁠

She has extensive knowledge and skills in marketing, social media, and strategic planning. Ali hosts events and workshops for female leaders and runs Spain’s largest network for ex-pat women in Spain.⁠


Where are you based and how does your life look like?

I’m based in Fuengirola in Andalucia, Southern Spain. I am a serial inpat now living on the Costa del Sol and keen to integrate and enjoy the culture of my wonderful (new) home country, Spain. Step-Mum to 2, grandmother to 5.


Tell me about your business: what do you do?

I am the founder of Costa Women – a free community for Women living in Spain, or moving to Spain.  Started the community in 2010 and today we have 9,300+ members of 138 nationalities meeting in 38 locations where we connect and meet up either in-person or online.  Since March 2020 we have hosted more than 280 online events to support the community.

I’m also the creator of (with Tiina!) and the ‘Make it Happen’ Planner (2021 was the third edition)

I’m also a lover of orchids, gardening, paper products (especially creating them), and life in Spain. Believe that someday is most definitely not a day of the week!


What’s your special sauce?

One of my contacts shared this on Linkedin which I think says it all… “Ali is the person with the highest social skills I’ve ever met. The way she brings people together is prodigious, no matter, if it’s just two people she thinks, should meet (I personally owe her a couple of true friendships) or a large community like Costa Women, which she simply made happen out of a vision. Her understanding of human relationships and business is quite extraordinary, and I know from personal experience that she can see where and why you’re stuck and how you can get out of it. Ali is generous and passionate, she sees big and small things that others can’t see, she’s a real creator.


Who do you love to work with?

I love working with women who are starting their business journey as a foreigner in Spain


You have a long and successful career as a business builder, what has helped you to achieve the level of success you have had in your business so far?

Being creative and working with any problems to create solutions.


Have you made some big changes in your professional or private life and would like to tell us about them?

Serial expat having lived and worked in Australia, Middle East, Spain (twice) and Asia.  In 2000 the company I had just started working for (literally 10 minutes after my arrival) decided to close the office and move all the work online.  That was very early days of home working and there were very few people doing it at that stage.


What made you decide to get certified as Avenue Growth Coach?

Love the structure of the system and courses.  How you build on elements and put in place a platform for each stage of the journey.


What brings you the most joy within the work you do?

Supporting women and seeing their businesses grow.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy pilates, walking, and being by the sea.


Why do you think business coaching is important for all entrepreneurs at different stages?

We need an independent person who can overview what we are trying to achieve and support us during that journey, increase our self-belief and help us build our dreams.


What have you learned from working with different business owners?

That you need to work with their culture and belief systems and bring them along on the journey to success.


What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting plans in store for your business for the rest of the year and beyond?

Creating more paper products, hosting our 9th International Women’s Summit, living a ‘fearless’ life (my word for 2021), supporting women in their move to Spain, supporting more successful female business owners, helping women move the goalposts for their businesses, and reignite their passion.


Where can we read more about you?

Costa Women website

Work with Ali

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